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Multi-Brand Auto Dealership

Client: Novus Civitas / Gedeon

Initially conceived as a flexible office development, this retail project makes use of its prime location by the main vehicular artery between Cartagena and Barranquilla to create a “vertical car dealership”. The constraints of the site allows for a rethinking of the relationship between the elements of its car centric program of automobile sales and maintenance.

The dealership consists of two distinct program driven building volumes. The first volume, defined by its continuous ramped edges, houses the parking spaces for all visitors and employees. A series of ramped bridges link the top “arrival” level of the parking structure to each level of the second volume which houses the retail and service spaces of the dealerships, thereby “equalizing” access to each automobile brand. The dealership retail spaces are stacked on two levels above ground floor service bays, with a top floor of commercial office and administrative spaces. This creates a series of grand ‘display vitrines’ for showcasing collections of the latest model automobiles visible along the building’s highway frontage.

  • Client: Novus Civitas / Gedeon
  • Location: Cartagena, Colombia
  • Typology: Commercial
  • Total Area: 16,000 m2 / 172,200 SF
  • Height: 24 m / 78 FT
  • Status: Concept