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Serena del Mar Gas Station

Client: Novus Civitas

As the “gateway” to the new development of Serena del Mar north of the historic center of Cartagena, this gasoline and service station located along the main road into Serena del Mar was designed as an iconic structure that embodies the ideals of design quality associated with this forward-thinking masterplan development as a whole.

The service station is sheltered by an architectural canopy which supports a large array of solar PV panels that generate electrical power, minimizing the service stations dependence on the power grid. The canopy is a two-way truss structure for maximum spans between columns, and shelters individual pods of retail, food concessions and an auto repair service station. The complex is designed to integrate into the surrounding landscape with opportunities for outdoor seating and socializing whilst capturing the prevailing winds to flow beneath the shade of the singular canopy for maximum passive cooling effect.

  • Client: Novus Civitas
  • Location: Cartagena, Colombia
  • Typology: Commercial
  • Total Area: 920 m2 / 9,900 SF
  • Height: 10 m / 33 FT
  • Status: Concept