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Dream Cartagena

Client: Competition

BHA was invited to participate in a limited ideas competition to create the most superlative five star Dreams destination resort hotel in the Caribbean region of Colombia.

Our goal was to develop a hotel experience rooted in authenticity, quality and social relevance, where each and every visitor is offered a richly layered experience during their stay, whether relaxing by the pool, enjoying an event or entertainment; and spending precious time with loved ones. Great care was taken to design a project full of enriching discoveries that resonate with this unique region, its people, and culture that the visitor has chosen to visit and learn from.

To this end, the scheme consists of a network of structures that welcome visitors and promote authentic hospitality, entertainment and retail experiences through the combination of integrated design and cultural intelligence. Committed to the protection of the sensitive eco-system, the proposal was designed to synthesize local culture and people from the region into the life of the project, upholding the ideals and vision of the project team.

  • Client: Competition
  • Location: Cartagena, Colombia
  • Typology: Commercial / Hospitality / Masterplan
  • Total Area: 5.8 ha / 14.3 acres
  • Height: 20 m / 66 FT
  • Status: Competition