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Universidad de los Andes Sede Caribe

Client: Novus Civitas

The Universidad de los Andes ‘Sede Caribe’ was inaugurated in 2018 and completed in 2019.

Located just north of the historic center of Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, the project is part of Serena del Mar’s master plan to establish a new, transformative business and medical community.

The groundbreaking structure houses the prestigious University of Los Andes, which will offer classes in various academic disciplines, as well as commercial offices. The design of the architecture links internal and external spaces to create collaborative workspaces, while subtly framing the surrounding landscape.

The building creates a shaded micro-climate within central courtyards that are designed to capture northerly breezes and maximize air movement over pools of cool water–a functional interpretation of local Cartagena architecture, found in the historic Spanish colonial center of the city.

External glass fiber reinforced concrete fins shelter the full height glazing from the local hot sun throughout the day, reducing the cooling load of the building. Addressing the annual sun path and orientation of the building, these functionally-driven design elements create a cool and magical environment for the students and faculty who inhabit the building, where the play of light and framed views interact throughout the day and seasons.

  • Client: Novus Civitas
  • Location: Cartagena, Colombia
  • Typology: Institutional
  • Total Area: 8,350 m2 / 89,900 SF
  • Height: 21m / 68 FT
  • Status: Completed 2019